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Windows, Mac OSX
U-he Uhbik.v1.3.1.3898 WIN OSX Regged-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2020.01.01 | NUMBER : R2R-8587 | SiZE : 67.49 MB

Uhbik is our fine collection of effect plug-ins for the discerning audiophile. Each surround-capable effect comes wrapped in a beautiful, streamlined interface. The entire bundle of nine effects is available now at an unbeatable price...

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This REGGED release uses valid user+serial pair based on the previous leak.
That's how their protection works and you should get same serial by the
legit purchase. To understand better about their scheme, read below.


Here is how U-he main protection works:

1. Generate value (0 - 2047) from the licensee name.
We call this value "UserValue".
2. Get the hash of serial number by UrsHash.
UrsHash is combination of WHIRLPOOL512 and SHA512)
3. Get hardcodedHash[UserValue] and compare with calculated hash.
If it matches, license = OK.

This means, serial number is not generated for users dynamically. The hash
of all serial numbers are hardcoded to the app since the first release. User
name is just used to determine which correct serial number to assign. This
is good if dev has many customers, otherwise serial check will be dull and
slow (check all hardcoded serials one by one, this is done by RobPapen).

However, there is the weak point in this "wise" protection. Once legit serial
numbers are leaked, that serial number can be used to other name. You can
make another licensee for that serial by colliding "UserValue". This is not
easy to avoid. Blacklisting the leaked serial number can affect to the legit
users too, because that user may have same UserValue with leaked licensee.

In short:
- Uhe app contains 2048 correct hashed serial numbers.
- Calculate valid serial from hashed serial is nearly impossible.
- User A and User B may have same legit serial number.
-> Generate another valid name for leaked serial can be possible.

Enjoy checking many security aspects for the uhe type protection.
These UserValue+Hash protection is used by Arturia, Audiority, SonicAcademy,
LVC-Audio, Youlean etc. Valid user+serial pair can be made from legit serial.
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Uhbik.v1.3.1.3898 WIN OSX Regged-R2R
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Member 28.10.2014 128
For anyone new to audioz... R2R always dominate New Years. So for all those people that complain throughout the year, waiting a for a Holiday (especially New Years) isn't so hard and it's kind of a cool way to release stuff. I always look forward to New Years just for R2R releases. Happy New Year!

Thank you funtime and R2R!
  Member 28.10.2014 128
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.04.2015 5 310
Happy u-he!
Come here just to try the software and buy it afterwards.
If I don't like the software I will just DELETE it.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1296
Thank you, R2R!!!

Thank you to everyone involved and a

  Resident 4.10.2012 289
Thanks r2r & Funtime
  Member 20.08.2014 54
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1192 11305
This is an R2R release .... Keep in topic please.
  Member 29.01.2019 12 71
R2R funtime Serial sharing U-he Thanks
  Resident 5.05.2011 617
For those not science fiction fans, here is the backstory on why these plugins are called Uhbik. Philip K Dick wrote a very psychedelic novel called Ubik in 1969, and...

The story is set in a future 1992 where psychic powers are common and utilized in corporate espionage. It follows Joe Chip, a technician at a psychic agency who begins to experience strange alterations in reality that can be temporarily reversed by a mysterious store-bought substance called Ubik.

It's an awesome read and well worth the time to delve into a great author.
Music is always a commentary on society.
Frank Zappa
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1192 11305
Very interesting !! Thanks
  Resident 10.12.2008 5 405
The visionary P. Dick - with his writings and books - inspired R. Scott for Blade Runner...
 - ElMoreno plays Logic on Mac - 
  Member 14.06.2014 39
great!!! i love that Dick! Especially, Phillips K one, hehe.. ))
  Resident 4.10.2012 289
Works with the new public alpha installers also
  Member 5.09.2016 13
Awsome work by R2R. And thx funtime

Peace and happiness for the new year
  Member 18.08.2019 59
Thanks R2R great stuff as always, Happy New Year and best wishes
  Member 7.10.2018 3 175
r2r fell off
  Member 17.04.2015 8 43
These plugins at me require registration.
Early versions work without problems :(
  Member 10.02.2012 145
Same here.
  Member 2.01.2020 4
Where is the windows version? DL only comes with mac files.
  Resident 10.09.2010 1 71
Not familiar... are these good plugs?
  Resident 5.02.2013 21 296
Thank you for this incredible release! A question - can i run these plugs as well as Zebra 2 alongside legit Uhe plugs that i have installed? Thanks!
  Member 11.01.2014 10
The Flanger is one of the best in my personal opinion.
Big thanks to Team R2R and funtime

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